LCC Wedding – August 2010

There’s nothing quite like an enthusiastic bridal party!  They set the tone for the entire evening and it almost doesn’t matter whether you play a Jitter-Bug or the Cha-Cha Slide, the dance floor will scarcely be empty throughout the night.

This reception was fun and yet wholly authentic in sincerity and celebration.  The newlyweds chose to honor their guests by doing an “Anniversary Dance,” which starts with all married couples on the dance floor.  Years and then decades of marriage are asked to move to the side of the dance floor until the new bride and groom are accompanied only by the longest married couple in attendance.  It is always a very poignant moment.

They also asked their guests to gather in a “Closing Circle,” where each guest is given the opportunity to give advice, wish them well, or tell a fond memory.  And in closing, the bride and groom are given the chance to thank their guests for being a part of their special day.

While I always include some of my own photos in these posts, I like to acknowledge the hired photographer for the event, Voni Photography & Fine Arts, and the videographer, Phil Spreadbury.

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